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I’ve got so much to do, I need help with my bookwork.

Melissa says…

Design your product or service, find customers, convert customers, meet customers, satisfy customers, develop a marketing plan, develop a business plan, organise advertising, keep up on social media, invoice customers, take payments, reply to emails, answer the phone, make phone calls, open mail, hire staff, manage staff, pay staff, pay staff entitlements, work out your BAS, pay bills – the list goes on. As business owners we wear a lot of hats. And we have to set priorities all the time, every day.

And we all have a personal life or at least try to!

If you are trying to decide the most effective use of your time, you might consider outsourcing your bookkeeping. How many sales could you be making during the time it takes you to do your books? Would those sales cover the cost of hiring a bookkeeper?

And it would be one less thing to worry about.

Swag Bookkeeping offers different level solutions in order to customise a service package that will help you the most at this point in time. As things change, so can our level of support.

To discuss how we might lighten your load, and to find out just how affordable that could be, please click on the Contact Us button, and we will be in touch.

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